Hello to our Past Guests and future friends of   Southern Cross of the Abacos 

Updated January 2020 


Greetings to you and your families and Happy 2020!


We wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for renting Southern Cross in the past or (if you are considering renting Southern Cross in the future ) to give you an honest and accurate assessment for the upcoming Summer of 2020. 


A brief Summary:    


    *    Hopetown was hard hit but the recovery has gone faster than many people expected. 


    *    Power Lines are being restored and electricity is back on island .


    *    Southern Cross was spared and is back on line, up and running. Most of the damage was cosmetic and the interior was untouched. We have been operating the property using the generator.


    *    We are accepting reservations starting April 2020, Discounted rates are being offered for the initial start up dates.  Parts of the Island are fully operational and restaurants have already opened. The “vibe” will be more laid back and less crowded as far few rental properties are available.    

Southern Cross Update:    


As you all know, Hurricane Dorian hit the Abacos directly this past September 1st 2019. 


The outlook is actually better than you might think! 


SOUTHERN CROSS actually did incredibly well!  We were lucky because the EYE of the Storm went right over Hopetown and the strongest winds were primarily North to South before the eye passed and then South to North on the backside of the storm.  Ironically, the Ocean beaches were barely touched and additional sand was actually blown onto the Property from the beach in front of our house.  Our steps down to the Ocean were completely intact BUT the paint on the railings was virtually stripped /sand blasted off …


We sustained minor roof damage and we had exterior hardy board damage on the south side of the property. We had one window break (despite being fully boarded up) and the house needs to be repainted from the sand blasting it received. But, we’re pretty fortunate in the big scheme of things!!!


Inside of Southern Cross, the interior is in near perfect condition. There was a small amount of water intrusion under the exterior doors but there was very little collateral damage. 


We have had friends volunteering for relief work who have stayed there since November. We can run the entire property using our Diesel Generator and we’ve had Wifi and Satellite TV working since early December.


We are starting to get more inquiries and new bookings for 2020 and 2021 which we are gladly accepting!